Most Common Interview Questions and Answers 2015-16 for Freshers & Experienced

Interview Tactics

The interview is the most critical and important stage for qualifying any examination where most of the candidates fails to present themselves pleasingly and in tactful manner. The applicant has to adopt certain strategy to get an edge above other applicants. Selection of the applicant depends upon the answering ability. Prior to any interview faceoff prepare yourself with mock questions and there answers.
1.       Tell About yourself?

This is the most basic question that is asked in almost every Interview and this is the only question where 80% fails to answer properly to the question. Before going on any interview do your homework. Know about yourself. List them down. Always start with a smile on your face.

2.         What is your Work history?

Be crisp. Don’t speak up junk and irrelevant things, Answer only to that question what is asked not less than or mare than. Tell about your work related past.

3.         What are your Strengths?

SWOT analysis is key to any answer of Strengths and Weaknesses. Evaluate, analyze and compare your strengths that can gain opportunities.

4.         What are your Weaknesses?

Analyze your weaknesses to see the threat that can occur. Be cautious and alert of harmful effects on your career opportunities.

5.         Why New Job?

Answer this question in favor and praise of the organization positively so that you can persuade them that you are the only right person for this job irrespective of crowd.

6.         What are your Future Prospects?

Answer this question tactfully. Include organizational growths and development in your future plans. Do not say negative things. Do not make fool out of the interviewer.

7.         Tell About skills?
Do not keep on saying irrelevant things. Tell your specialization. Whatever you can do and what you have learned from your experiences. Answer to the point. Do not answer vaguely. Do not keep on saying. Take a full stop. Breathe!

8.         Communication Skills?

This tells about how humorous, tactful, witty you are and how well you can communicate. 

Remember Listening is key to any good conversation. First listen then answer. Do not interrupt in between.

Revise your answers. Speak out loud. Be confident. Do not panic. Be calm. Incorporate positive attitude and energy. Now get, set and ready for interview, tuck in your shirt, tie up, tighten your belt and go for your interview.

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