Government Jobs through LIC, SAIL and BSNL Recruitment 2017-18 – The Post 6th Pay Commission Review

Over the last few years the attraction of jobs in the private sector had increased in multitude. More and more job seekers are interested to work in multinational corporations and private sector units. The pull towards the public sector that was formerly clearly evident has started diminishing. The pay scales of private sector units are the main reason behind this shift of attitude for some years.

However, in the recent times of economic slowdown, public sector employment seems to have emerged as the flavor of the season for job seekers, as these opportunities offer increased job security and better working environments as well as growth prospects. With the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission, which has raised the pay packets of government employees almost at par with their private sector counterparts, the charm of private sector jobs started diminishing with the absent of security of jobs over a definite time period. 

With the induction of 6th Pay Commission gradually to almost all public sector enterprises, recruitment rates of public sector enterprises like LIC recruitment 2015 or that of SAIL and BSNL witnessed a lot more numbers of applicants as compared to the previous few years. The industry experts feel that in the wake of economic downturn there has been a shift towards public sector employment. In the present scenario with rising number of pink slips and reduction in salaries and increment in the private sector, government jobs are looking pretty attractive. 

The SAIL recruitment 2015 has been very successful and it has not been particularly benefited with more job applications after the recommendations of 6th Pay Commission. But still, the attraction of better perks and remunerations with other associated facilities make SAIL one of the most preferred employers in the industry. During the globalization phase, when there are huge growth witnessed to iron and steel industries, SAIL has continued to be the most preferred employer in the industry and till date and there has been a consistent growth is observed in the preference list of job seekers for SAIL recruitment 2015.

Some people conducted an analysis to test the effectiveness of 6th pay commission and out of them sector-wise analysis shows that public administration and education sectors are the most optimistic, while, finance, insurance and real estate sectors report the least optimistic hiring intentions with a net employment outlook of 11 per cent in the positive side.
The main reason for the shift in graph of BSNL recruitment 2015 was due to the implementation of the pay commission recommendations. As a result a sharp rise in hiring intentions in these sectors were largely observed due to certain proactive steps like fiscal stimulus plans taken by the government to improve the condition of the economy on the wake of the bad suffering private sectors.

The sixth pay commission mainly focused on increasing the pay scales of public sector units in order to bring back the trend of opting for government jobs. Various job vacancies are now being rapidly filled by applications from thousands of people who aim to seek safe and secure jobs in the government sector. The sixth pay commission increased the scales for LIC recruitment 2015, and that for BSNL and SAIL recruitment 2015 with other such public sector enterprises.

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